Volunteer Bat Survey

Due to the unprecedented circumstances created by the COVID-19 outbreak, we still invite you to register and select a church to survey, but we ask that you hold off from contacting your chosen church until further notice as currently places of worship are closed.

For more detailed information on how the outbreak has impacted our work and for guidance please read our page.

There are 16,000 CofE churches in England, and while there is currently no accurate data, unofficial research suggests that up to 60% of pre-sixteenth century churches may contain roosts.

Some churches house large, nationally important maternity roosts and so far eight species of bats have been recorded in churches within the National Bat Monitoring Programme roost count.

You can help us to better understand how bats are using churches across England by looking for evidence of bats in your local church.

You can do this by taking part in our surveys, Church Bat Detectives and National Bats in Churches Study.

These surveys will allow us to:

  • Better understand how bats use churches across England.
  • Predict how many churches have bat roosts, the factors influencing the use of churches by bats and explore the differences between species and regions.
  • Have a more thorough picture of the perspectives of those living with bats and the issues they may be facing.
  • Provide better information and support for both church communities and bat conservation.