Claire Boothby taking part in the Bats in Churches volunteer survey by collecting droppings from a scatter on a wooden surface

July 2020 Update: Getting the ball rolling again

The latest news from Bats in Churches as the project faces the challenges posed by the pandemic head-on and prepares for a season of bat mitigation works in project churches.

Two women with cleaning equipment standing outside church door

February 2020 Update: Full steam ahead for the Bats in Churches project

The latest news from Bats in Churches including early wakeups from hibernation (back to sleep with you!), stained-glass bats and new churches joining the project.

Warm summer evening with a large group of people standing outside a church with lighted windows waiting for bats to appear

November 2019 Update: Bedtime for bats, but the team is busier than ever!

The latest news from Bats in Churches including co-ordination work with churches, bags of help from Tesco and a cleaning workshop.

Female ecologist surveying church for bats using specialist equipment

July 2019 Update: The bat survey season continues!

For many of our female furry friends, the sole pup of the year has been born and, while they aren’t yet flying very successfully, they’re growing stronger fed by their mother’s milk. Keep your eyes peeled near known maternity roosts for pups on the ground as they’re learning to fly and if you see one…