Discover Your Local Church and Bats

Warm summer evening with a large group of people standing outside a church with lighted windows waiting for bats to appear

There are lots of fun and fascinating ways you can discover more about bats in churches in your area, and help both bats and churches thrive.

Help Survey Your Local Church

There are still plenty of opportunities to make a difference and further our understanding of bats and their use of churches through our partners at Bat Conservation Trust, who run the National Bat Monitoring Programme.

Find Events at Your Local Church

Your local church may well be running regular events including bat walks, you can find contact details for your local church at A Church Near You

You can also find your local Bat Group events at the Bat Conservation Trust website

Discover More About Bats In Churches

Over the past five year's we've run a whole range of online events, talks and lectures from the Wonders of Church Wall Paintings to How To Draw A Bat, and even some virtual Bat Walks!

You can watch all of our Bats In Churches Live sessions on our YouTube channel.

Join The National Bat Monitoring Programme At Your Local Church

Bats In Churches Challenge Badge For Children

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