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Church Cleaning

A video guide to cleaning in a church with bats, including advice on heritage items, equipment and health and safety. This information is also available in our printed cleaning guidelines.

Heritage Cleaning Guidelines

Welcome to our video cleaning guidelines for churches with bats Here you can find out more...

Simple Bat Surveys For Churches

How to identify bats in your local church, carry out some simple surveys and record your local church bats.

Bat Identification Training + Include Your Church Roost in a National Bat Monitoring Programme

This short e-learning course is for anybody who has bats in their local church and would...

Finding Bat Evidence- A Daytime Survey

Walk through an interior daytime church survey with Philip Parker (ecological consultant) and two volunteers. This...

Working With Churches

Guidance for bat groups, bat volunteers and church wardens on how to work with churches, how to identify parts of a church, and how to give basic advice to churches with bats

Working with Churches Training

If you're interested in working with churches, our free e-learning short course is for you! Audience:...

Working With People

Training and guidance on encouraging people to visit your church, running events, and recruiting new volunteers.

Creating and Writing Interpretation Training

This short e-learning course is for anyone who wants to create interpretation, signs, notices, leaflets, guidebooks...

Planning and Running Events Training

This short e-learning course is for anyone who runs events for the public or invited groups...

Working With Volunteers Training

This short e-learning course is for anyone working with, or hoping to recruit volunteers Working With...