Working with Churches Training

If you’re interested in working with churches, our free e-learning short course is for you!

Audience: We've aimed this session towards those with no previous experience or knowledge of churches, but everyone is welcome. Our training mainly focuses on Church of England churches but much of the information can be applied to other denominations too.

Course content:

• Why churches are important for both bats and people
• An exploration of the church layout and architecture
• Where bats like to roost in churches
• Understanding different perspectives around bats in churches
• How best to work with church communities
• How you can help ease any human-wildlife conflict

Time to complete: Approximately 90 minutes.

We have included some additional links and resources for each of the modules. These are not essential to complete the training, but are interesting if you'd like a bit of extra information. Exploring these resources will take longer.

Number of modules: 4