Case Studies, Reports and Other Resources

In this section you can find a range of more detailed case studies from a number of our project churches, including major mitigation, heritage protection and community engagement resources.

These are designed to be useful for anyone who is looking for some initial ideas on how to help reduce the impact of bats on their church, including some initial costs and the contact details for each project.

We also have a range of published papers and journal articles about the project and its work and the final report on all the work of the Bats In Churches Project will be published here in December 2023.

Bat Management Plans and Mitigation Reports

Comprehensive examples of bat management plans for churches, and final ecological reports on our project churches.

National Bats In Churches Survey

Between 2019 and 2022 we carried out a comprehensive surveys of English churches to get an accurate and up to date pictures of how bats use churches, which species use churches and where, when and how they cause problems. Our results will be published soon on our National Bats In Churches Survey page.

The Bats In Churches Project

See below for more about the work of the Bats In Churches Project, and our full Final Project Report