Survey Your Local Church For Bats

Image of a woman in outdoor clothing holding a bat detector

Surveying Your Local Church

There are lots of ways to make a difference and further our understanding of bats and their use of churches through our partners at Bat Conservation Trust, who run the National Bat Monitoring Programme.

I know of a church with roosting bats

It’d be great to take part in the yearly Roost Count!

By taking part you’ll have a record of the number of bats in your church and how this changes over time. As well as giving valuable long-term information about church roosts, the records are also included as part of the national population trends.

To take part you’d count the bats out of the church on two evenings in June. Everyone can take part, but you do need permission from the church and know where bats are leaving the building.

Find out how you can take part here.

I don’t know of a church roost

You can learn more about bats in your local area and your churchyard by taking part in the sunset survey. Everyone can take part , no bat survey or ID experience needed, and it is just an hour of your time between April-October.

Find out how you can take part here.

I’ve noticed bat evidence inside a church

There currently isn’t a specific database for these records, but we also encourage any findings to be recorded via iRecord.

Add a record to iRecord here.