Creating and Writing Interpretation Training

This short e-learning course is for anyone who wants to create interpretation, signs, notices, leaflets, guidebooks or audio tours

Writing and Designing Creative Interpretation

Interpretation and signage can be the key to engaging the public so they care about your church, or your cause. Good interpretation not only makes people enjoy their visit more, but can increase your donations and fundraising, or make people change their behaviour during their visit or at home!

This short course shows you the basics of interpretation, what it is and how to use it and how to create your own.

Time to complete: Approx. 1 hour in total (you can do this at your own pace and do not need to complete all modules in one sitting) 

The course consists of five short modules:

Module 1: What is interpretation, who is your audience and what is the aim of your interpretation

Module 2: Types of interpretation, choosing a theme, tips for writing engaging content

Module 3: Layout and design, location and installation

Module 4: Maintenance and updating, ideas for creative interpretation