Bat Identification Training + Include Your Church Roost in a National Bat Monitoring Programme

This short e-learning course is for anybody who has bats in their local church and would like to count them annually and include the data in the UK’s National Bat Monitoring Programme, run by the Bat Conservation Trust. 

How to take part in the National Bat Monitoring Programme (no bat detector needed) and How to Identify bats (with a bat detector)

Thanks to volunteers like you, we’ll have a better understanding of how bats are using churches across the country, will be able to provide better support and advice for churches with bats, and contribute towards bat conservation.

We hope that after this short course with Philip Briggs of the Bat Conservation Trust you will feel confident and look forward to counting bats at your church roost.

In addition, while you donlt need a bat detector to count bats annually at your church – we have included  an introduction to identifying bats with a bat detector – so you couold participate in a Senet Survey at your church graveyard or anywhere local.

You can come back and look through these resources as many times as you like.

Time to complete: Approx. 1.5 hours