Bats in Churches LIVE Series 2

Wednesday 28th April

Bats in Churches Training- Working with Churches

25th MARCH, 1st APRIL, 12th & 18th MAY

Earth Optimism 2021

26th MARCH – 4th APRIL

Bats in Churches Training-Bat Care Basics

SATURDAY 15th MAY, 10:30am


Sorry you've missed watching these great events live, but they are available to watch again. Click on each event for details.

Soprano pipistrelle - Dave Short

Norfolk Virtual Bat Nights

Watch again our Norfolk virtual bat nights! Expect a pipistrelle party and a Natterer’s night with expert speakers and lovely churches.

Heydon bats CC Phil Parker Associates

Heydon’s Virtual Bat Night

Watch again our Bats in Churches’ first ever virtual bat night from Heydon, Cambridgeshire! Enjoy a fun and fascinating 90 mins with expert bat ecologist Phil Parker, Bats in Churches heritage advisor Rachel Arnold and the clerk at Heydon’s Holy Trinity Angela Bucksey all from the comfort of your own home.


Bats in Churches LIVE Series 1

Watch again all of the Bats in Churches LIVE first series, where we’ll be talking with expert guest speakers every Wednesday in May at 13:00 BST to delve into the wonderful world of bats and churches.