Bats in Churches LIVE Series 2

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Stained glass bat in St John Evangelist church, Henley. Photo by Robert Goodsell

Community, Heritage, Bats: Finding common ground

Get deep with us this lunchtime and find out how the Bats in Churches project is helping church communities to find common ground between their bats and their historical heritage.

We'll be showcasing the pioneering bat mitigation and community work that has been marching on through a year of lockdown and you'll have the opportunity to ask your burning questions to our determined and unshakeable Engagement Officers.

Speakers: Rose Riddell (North & West), Honor Gay (South & South West), Diana Spencer (East Anglia)

Chair: Ione Fitzpatrick (BiC Communications Officer)

Location: Zoom

Date: Wednesday 17th February, 12pm GMT

Bats & Disease: Untangling truth from myth

Join us for a lively lunchtime talk on bats and disease when we'll be untangling truths and busting myths and you'll have the opportunity to ask your burning questions to a panel of top experts in the field.

Our guest speakers will be sharing the science behind bats and coronaviruses, bats and disease in the UK, and we'll be covering some of the most common questions that we've had over the first two years of the project.

Rumour has it there may even be an appearance from a LIVE bat!

Guest speakers: Dr Tom August (Centre of Ecology & Hydrology), Lisa Worledge (BCT), Gail Armstrong aka The Bat Lady

Chair: The Venerable Dave Middlebrook (Archdeacon of Bedfordshire)

Location: Zoom

Date: Wednesday 10th February, 12pm GMT