The Church

The great tower of Redenhall church is visible for miles around this area of south west Norfolk. The tower is decorated on three sides with complex flint flushwork- intricate geometric patterns of flint and stone.

The treasure of Redenhall church is the double headed eagle lectern, made in East Anglia in the 15th century. There are thought to be only three of these in the country, the fourth known example is in St Mark's in Venice.

The local Gawdy family had their own chapel in the church and you can find their emblem- the tortoise in several spots around the church.

The Bats

The church is home to primarily Pipistrelle and Natterer's bats, who mostly roost in the chancel and tower arches.

The project is looking to provide specialist advice on protecting and cleaning the brass lectern, as well as other fittings and fixtures within the church.

Upcoming events

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