The Church

The highlight of Foulden church is one of the county's finest painted rood screens. The screen was painted over in the 16th century but has been restored in places to reveal St Matthew, St Mark, and a tiny smiling lion at the feet of St Mark.

Outside, the church sits low to the ground, the tower collapsed in the 1800s and only the foundations and a few courses remain.

The church has had major repairs recently and is currently putting together a bid to create a community archive and reading room in the church, as well as finishing off the repairs.

The Bats

The church is primarily a roost for Brown Long-eared and Natterer's bats.

We will be helping the church with it's funding bid, aiming to include bat mitigation in the ongoing repairs. We will fund some community events and activities, including bat walks, to help with fundraising.

We will also be providing cleaning kit and specialist cleaning advice.

Upcoming events

If you’d like to contact or find out more about the church, visit their page on A Church Near You