The Church

Blickling church sits next to Blickling Hall, the birthplace of Anne Boleyn and later home to the Marquesses of Lothian.

There are a number of brasses and memorials to the Boleyn family, including Isabell Boleyn, shown wearing a dramatic butterfly-style headdress. There is also a life-sized brass of Sir Nicholas Dagworth who died in 1401.

The most striking feature of the church is the huge weeping angel memorial to the 8th Marquess of Lothian.

The church is always open and often busy with visitors from the nearby hall. As well as services and historic tours, the church also hosts a series of murder mystery events.

Our Work

The bats at Blickling church have increased significantly since a roost in a nearby tree was lost. This shows how badly loss of local habitat for bats can affect churches, and bats that used to roost elsewhere are forced to move into the church as they have nowhere else to go.

The church have been keen to engage with their bats and have run their own regular bat nights and events. We have provided them with a range of interpretation and cleaning advice to help them manage their bats.

Blickling Case Study

Upcoming events

If you’d like to contact or find out more about the church, visit their page on A Church Near You