The Church

A big, rich, grey stone church with a tall broach spire. The church is known as one of the 'Northamptonshire spires' despite actually being just over the border in Cambridgeshire

Inside, the church is lit up by stained glass, mostly Victorian but with some medieval survivals in the north transept. The roof is finely carved, particularly in the south transept which is decorated with carved faces, roses and a green man.

The rarest item in the church is a wooden cadaver, originally part of an early 15th century tomb and possibly depicting the cleric William Stukeley. This is one of only two surviving examples in the country.

The Solutions

Keyston is heavily affected by bats, with all the interior of the church covered with plastic during the summer.

We will be surveying the church during summer 2021 to get a complete picture of how bats are entering and exiting the church and where their roosts are. This will allow us to plan mitigation that should reduce the amount of bat droppings inside the church and relieve the burden on the church wardens.

We have also funded a new case and cover for the cadaver, which will then be moved to the chancel for safety. Our Heritage Advisor Rachel will also be providing more advice on any future conservation work.

Upcoming events

If you’d like to contact or find out more about the church, visit their page on A Church Near You