The Church

Saxlingham is a large originally medieval church, heavily restored in 1898.

Around the church are the remains of a large memorial to Lady Mirabelle Heydon, this originally included a pyramid and columns and took up much of the chance. All that survives now are the figure of Lady Mirabelle herself, and a carved alabaster bible.

If you look closely you will see carved and painted angels in the chancel roof.

Saxlingham is closely linked with nearby Field Dalling, also a project church, and hope to run a number of shared events and activities.

The Solutions

Saxlingham is home to a large roost of Natterer's Bats that make this one of the messiest, and hardest to clean, churches in the project.

Working closely with Phil Parker our ecologist, Iain Walker the church architect and the church community, we are enclosing the upper half of the north transept to make a self-contained bat loft with internal roost boxes. The main work was completed in spring 2021, and we will soon add a decorative screen to match the existing front of the vestry. We've also added an external roost box, and a series of new roosting spaces in the silence chamber.

As part of this work we have trialled using a drone to identify bat access points along the eaves, which has proved to be a very cost effective alternative to inspecting these areas with scaffolding.

The bats will be able to explore the new roosting spaces during the summer and we will hopefully be able to close off the access to the interior of the church in spring 2022.

Upcoming events

28th Oct 2020: The Natterer's bats of Saxlingham church Virtual Bat Night with Phil Parker

If you’d like to contact or find out more about the church, visit their page on A Church Near You