The Church

Cranworth is a small church filled to the brim with monuments. This was the family church of the Gurdons from nearby Letton Hall and they have filled the tiny church with their memorials.

They include a range of baroque and neoclassical memorials from the 1600s through to the Victorian era.

The altar has pretty stone marquetry work in the front.

The organ sits in the tower arch and has recently been restored after a successful fundraising campaign.

Our Work

Cranworth is home to a mix of Natterer's and Pipistrelle bats, although numbers in the church have been going down in recent years.

The church mostly manages the cleaning but are concerned about cleaning the complex and delicate monuments and memorials.

The project has been giving professional advice on cleaning options for the memorials and helping to clean the church. We have also used the church to trial cleaning methods for damaged ledger stones, which have improved the look of the church floor.

In August 2022 we attended the church fete to talk to local visitors about the church bats and sold copies of The Little Church Bat to help raise funds for the church.

The church also now has a range of new interpretation posters to help visitors learn more about the bats.

Cranworth Case Study Poster

Upcoming events

If you’d like to contact or find out more about the church, visit their page on A Church Near You