The Church

St George’s West Grinstead is a Grade 1 building of high architectural, archaeological and historical significance, with fabric from every century of the middle ages from the eleventh to the sixteenth.

Its architectural development is complicated, but the various elements sit together well, and the church has a delightfully informal interior, with some important medieval brasses and a collection of monuments by some of the finest Georgian sculptors.

The late-Georgian pews in the nave, painted with the names of local farms, are also a highly unusual survival. Later furnishings of note include excellent stained glass by C.E. Kempe and Walter Camm.

The interior escaped heavy-handed Victorian restoration, although the casing of the exterior with cement render was a regrettable change.

The building enjoys an idyllic Wealden setting, within a large churchyard with mature trees.

The Bats

Natterer’s bats, pipistrelles and brown long-eared bats roost in the church, causing mess. The important monuments are protected by attractive voile coverings.

Natterer’s, noctule, serotine, common and soprano pipistrelle and brown long-eared have been recorded in the  church yard and a single Barbastelle pass recorded.

Upcoming events

If you’d like to contact or find out more about the church, visit the website or their page on A Church Near You