Feeling creative? Learn to draw a bat with our free tutorial

Celebrate the creativity that bats inspire and brush up on your batty knowledge with this step-by-step draw-along with professional illustrator Maisy Inston.

An illustration of a brown long-eared bat

Bats have long captured the imagination - they've inspired myths, legends, folklore and story for generations. To celebrate the creativity bats inspire, we ran a live Bats and Creativity webinar featuring a draw-along with professional illustrator and bat enthusiast Maisy Inston.

If you missed the webinar or would like to watch again, you can see the draw-along here.

Grab a pen or pencil, a sheet of paper and give it a go! You'll be surprised at what you can create - and at some of the fascinating facts about bats you'll learn along the way.

Drawing bats is a great way to learn more about their anatomy and physiology. It's also a very mindful exercise - and a great way to learn a new skill if drawing isn't usually your 'thing'.

A brown long eared bat flying in front of a church

The webinar is suitable for adults and children alike.

If you choose to share your work on social media, please do tag us in @BatsInChurches!

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