Bats in Churches Study Training (module 1)

Module 1: Getting started

Activity 1: An overview of the surveys

Watch this short video for an overview of the surveys and what we're asking you to do.

Activity 2: Understanding the two surveys 

Our research is made up of two similar surveys. Our priority survey is the National Bats in Churches Study. It is made up a sample of 1000 churches across England selected at random. Here we aim to see if there is evidence of bats in the church but also which species of bat. When you come to select a church, these churches are the purple markers on the map. Please select these in preference.

We do not unfortunately have the resources to carry out this more detailed survey in more churches, but we really do want to view as wide a range of sites as possible. If you don't have a National Bats in Churches Study church close to you, you can still help us by taking part in Church Bat Detectives.

You do not need prior experience to carry out either of these surveys. We provide the equipment for the National Bats in Churches Study and we do the work to identify the bats, using calls recorded on the bat detector we lend you and via DNA analysis of the bat droppings. 

Already selected a church? 

It's worth making sure you know which survey it falls under. To check visit the survey portal ( and go the My Churches Tab. Next to the church name it will tell you either National Bats in Churches or Church Bat Detectives.

Activity 3: Selecting a church

If you're interested in taking part, the first thing to do is to register and to select a church to survey. This short video will guide you through the process. If you have already selected a church you can skip this activity.


Important resources: