Elmdon, St Nicholas

The Church

The beautiful church of St Nicholas, Elmdon, is listed Grade II*. The late medieval tower is a local landmark and the church is the dominant feature of the local conservation area.

The nave, porch, chancel and south chapel were rebuilt in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with some older features retained, notably a sixteenth century table tomb and several medieval brasses.

The rebuilding is well done in the Gothic Revival style, with some good detailing, particularly in the chancel and chapel.

The site is of high archaeological significance, with signs of Roman occupation as well as the below-ground remains of the medieval church.

Our Work

Elmdon church is home to four species of bat; Natterer’s bat, brown long-eared bat, soprano pipistrelle, and common pipistrelle.

The church supports a large and important maternity colony of over 150 Natterer’s bats. A small number of the other species also use the church interior to rest during the day and fly at night.

In 2019, the project commissioned a bat management plan, which was implemented in 2020. The church furnishings are now protected from the impacts of bats, and the roosts enhanced.

Elmdon case study

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Elmdon Final bat report

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