The Church

Our Lady St Mary is a busy church, full of activity and interest. The church have recently put in new interpretation throughout the building, guiding visitors round the building and its heritage.

Above your head are a colourful group of painted angels, many of them 15th century but restored by the Victorians.

As well as the historic furnishings, the church has a number of modern sculptures and embroidered textiles including a Calvary by Neal French.

The church hosts regular concerts, lectures and a music festival as well as services and worship.

The Bats

The church is mostly home to Pipistrelle bats that roost under the chancel arch, and can be quite active during services!

The church are planning some major works in the future and we will be advising on including some bat mitigation in thee which will hopefully reduce the impact inside the church.

We are planning to help the church host a wide range of events, and provide some interpretation about the bats to fit in with their existing information boards.

We will also be offering cleaning advice and support.

Upcoming events

If you’d like to contact or find out more about the church, visit their page on A Church Near You