The Church

The Cathedral of the Fens, Walpole St Peter is one of England's finest and grandest parish churches.

The main body of the church was built in the 15th century, although the tower is a survival from the 13th century. Outside the church is a mass of pinnacles and battlements, and there is a vaulted passageway under the tower with carved roof bosses, and a two storey south porch.

Inside is a towering screen carved in 1630 and an elaborate font cover from around 1600. The rood screen painted with saints is from the 15th century and medieval glass survives in the Lady Chapel window.

The pews are dramatically carved on the backs and end, look for the camels either side of the entrance to the chancel.

The church is always open to visitors and hosts regular community events and a flower festival.

Our Work

The church is mostly used by Common and Soprano Pipistrelles, as well as a smaller number of Brown Long-eared Bats. The size of the church makes it incredibly difficult to keep clean during the summer. There is also concern that the bat urine is damaging the rood screen and particularly the screen in the south aisle. Bats also use the organ as a feeding perch, and fill the pipes with discarded moth wings.

The church has had a full set of surveys in 2021 and now has a full bat management plan in place with recommendations including a deflector board over the aisle screen, a sail canopy over the vestry and the potential to exclude bats from the church and contain them in a box by the north aisle east window.

The project has particularly provided funds for a perspex cover to the parclose screen in the north aisle.

As part of the project the church hosted a bespoke Heritage Cleaning Workshop in spring 2022. The project has funded a number of well attended bat nights and supported the church's Christmas Craft Fair and summer fete.

Walpole Case Study Poster

Walpole St Peter Fact Sheet

Walpole St Peter Bat Management Plan 2021

Upcoming events

Tues 28 March - Sunday 16 April, On A Wing And A Prayer art installation tour

If you’d like to contact or find out more about the church, visit their page on A Church Near You