Bats in Churches Study Training

This short e-learning course is for anyone taking part in our volunteer surveys. 

How to take part in the Bats in Churches Study

Thanks to volunteers like you, we'll have a better understanding of how bats are using churches across the country, will be able to provide better support and advice for churches with bats, and contribute towards bat conservation.

We hope that after this short course you will feel confident and look forward to surveying a church. You can come back and look through these resources as many times as you like.

Time to complete: Approx. 2 hours in total (you can do this at your own pace and do not need to complete all modules in one sitting) 

The course consists of six short modules:

Module 1: Getting started

Module 2: Contacting your chosen church

Module 3: Bats use of churches

Module 4: Church layout

Module 5: Survey methodology

Module 6: Entering your records online