Module 4: Scenario activity

In this section we explore some questions you may encounter when working with churches. Our Engagement Officers from Church of England discuss how they would respond. Why not pause the video before they provide their opinion and write down how you would handle the situation.

Scenario 1 Worries about bats and disease

Good resources about bats and disease:

Scenario 2 Helping churches to encourage a local interest in bats

Good resources include:

  • Contact details to find your local bat group
  • Some great leaflets on bats can be found here. Please do contact us ( if you'd printed like posters/leaflets.
  • We are creating a uniform group (Scouts, Guides, Brownies, Cubs etc) badge for bats in churches and we have schools activities prepared too. Please get in touch with Rose Riddell ( to learn more if you'd like to get the local groups involved at the church.

Scenario 3 Bats and building works

Good resources:

Scenario 4 A bad experience with bat workers in the past

Volunteer Bat Roost Visitors do an absolutely fantastic job at helping bats in churches and providing a very important service.  Bat workers of all kinds can do such a lot to resolve human-wildlife conflict by listening and showing empathy for the church situation.

Scenario 5 Hygiene concerns

Good resources:

Scenario 6 What are bats for? 

If you have questions about working with churches or a specific scenario you'd like help with, please contact us. We have three Engagement Officers for the project who would like to talk with you about engaging churches.

Rose Riddell ( for Midlands and the North

Diana Spencer ( for East Anglia

Honor Gay ( for the South

Well done! This session is complete. Want to test your knowledge? Try this short quiz. When you've completed it you will find a link to downloadable resources. 

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