Module 5: Carrying out your survey

For these surveys, we are asking you to carry out:

  • A one-off daytime survey of the church for evidence of bats between June-August
  • Go through a questionnaire with your church contact. You can do this over the phone, over video call and in-person but socially distanced. Of course, if it is easier for your contact to fill it out at their own leisure and send it back to you that is also good. We recommend you do this ahead of your survey but this isn't essential.
  • For the National Bats in Churches Study there is an extra element discussed in Activity 4.

Activity 1: Daytime Bat Evidence Survey (between June-August)

Go through this Interactive Daytime Survey GuideWe explore what you're being asked to do and what you are looking for in the daytime evidence survey. The interactive guide is a PowerPoint, but if you can't access this, you can see the information in this PDF version.

Please also read the relevant instruction document:

National Bats in Churches Study

Church Bat Detectives

All of our resources including the survey form and questionnaire can be found on our resources pages.

Activity 2: Do you need to request paper survey forms?

For the National Bats in Churches Study, as we need to send you equipment, we will send paper forms at the same time. If you are surveying for Church Bat Detectives please let us know if you'd like a paper copy.  Please contact us at

Activity 3: Safety 

Please read our Safety Guidelines and COVID-19 Guidance . Spend 5 minutes noting down anything you'll need to consider or any actions you need to take for your own survey. Have a think about whether there are any other specific hazards around your journey / church survey situation and how you can minimise those risks.

Activity 4: National Bats in Churches Study 

This video gives you more information about the extra elements of the surveys needed for the National Bats in Churches Study. For this survey you need to book equipment. You can book equipment here. The equipment is sent to you the week prior to your survey.


You may find these FAQs useful. Please do get in contact if you need anything (