February 2020 Update: Full steam ahead for the Bats in Churches project

By James | 2nd February 2020

The bats are still in hibernation, but the recent mild weather has caused some of them to become a little restless. On a church visit this week we were demonstrating how to use a bat detector and to our surprise we picked up some echolocation from a chatty bat up in the rafters, perfect timing…

November 2019 Update: Bedtime for bats, but the team is busier than ever!

By James | 2nd November 2019

Among the drifts of falling leaves, it’s finally time to find a cool nook and bed down for the winter, if you’re a bat that is! On the other side of the roost, the Bats in Churches team are busier than ever. We’re taking advantage of the hibernation period to coordinate construction work for some…

Volunteer Bat Roost Visitors, Roger & Sylvia Jiggins

Volunteers nominated for Natural England award

By Chris | 8th October 2019

Expert Volunteer Bat Roost Visitors, Roger & Sylvia Jiggins, are in for a chance to win a Green Award for Terrific Acheivers from Natural England! County Bat groups can be tremendous sources of support and expertise for church communities living alongside bats. Essex Bat Group is a shining example of a dynamic and proactive Bat…

July 2019 Update: The bat survey season continues!

By James | 2nd July 2019

For many of our female furry friends, the sole pup of the year has been born and, while they aren’t yet flying very successfully, they’re growing stronger fed by their mother’s milk. Keep your eyes peeled near known maternity roosts for pups on the ground as they’re learning to fly and if you see one…

Bats in Churches project takes off!

By Chris | 1st April 2019

The Bats in Churches project is now officially underway with the new team on board and committed to seeing the project through over the next five years. The end of last year saw solutions successfully developed for the three pilot churches, and the National Lottery Heritage Fund confirm a grant of £3.8 million, securing the…